Fracking in the NWT Update!

The Government of the Northwest Territories has released it’s proposed regulations for Fracking in the NWT, and is holding Public Engagement Meetings in a select few communities across the territory.

Below you will find links to resources, the proposed regulations, as well as a FAN Fact Sheet, explaining the details and concerns that we as citizens of the NWT share, in regards to these regulations.

Get involved in your community and attend a meeting, or request one in your own community!

FAN Print Materials (print-it-yourself)

Access FAN print materials here for your own to download, and print at home. Spread the word, and share the information in your local community.

What can you do to spread the word and educate others about fracking in your community?

How can our voices be heard?

Every resident of the Northwest Territories has the right and responsibility to promote and support sustainable use and development of natural resources within our vast lands and waters. This responsibility is shared with Aboriginal, federal, territorial, and municipal governments, boards and agencies.

As of April 1st, Devolution comes into play, and we will need all environmental stewards –- a person who promotes the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices — to educate themselves, their communities and future generations about how hydraulic fracturing impacts the North. Anybody can be an environmental steward by being aware and knowledgeable of the world around them and making sure they do as little as possible to negatively impact our world.

Sign the Petition: Fracking Moratorium Pending Comprehensive Regional Review

ON-Line Petition Closes May 27!

We urge the Government of the Northwest Territories to put a moratorium on horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) until a comprehensive, transparent and public review of the cumulative environmental, social and economic risks and benefits of the process is completed under Part 5.1 of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act, and the NWT public clearly indicates whether the risks and benefits are acceptable or not.

We further urge the Government of the Northwest Territories to shift economic development away from the exploitation of fossil fuels and towards economic diversification based on renewable energy and conservation.

 The petition will be open to collect signatures until May 27th, 2015. All residents of the Northwest Territories aged 18 and older are eligible to sign the petition. Once the petition is closed, it will be presented in the Legislative Assembly.

There are two (2) ways to sign the petition, but you can only sign once:

  1. Sign Online (digital/website)
    Click here to be taken to the NWT Legislative Assembly petition
    You must have a valid email address to sign online, and please note that
    your name will appear on the website once you have completed your submission.
  2. Paper Petition (hardcopy/offline)
    PLEASE NOTE: By signing a hardcopy paper petition, your name will
    NOT be displayed publicly. Only the total number of hardcopy signatures collected will be recorded on the GNWT Legislative Assembly website once all hardcopies are returned at the closing of the petition.

Would you like to be the lead in your community to have people sign the petition?

If you would like to collect signatures in your neighbourhood/community please contact:
Christine Barker at or by calling 867-445-5001
You will be assigned a petition number and the necessary background information to get you started.

Environmental Assessment – Letter Writing Campaign

FAN is encouraging NWT residents to write letters to the Sahtu Land and Water Board, your local city councilors, MLAs, etc. Many Sahtu residents are expressing concerns about the lack of previous consultation on fracking, and insisting that there must be a focus on thorough public consultation and discussion with this latest application.

Instructions for sending letters of comment:

  1. Chose a form letter to submit, either Sahtu Resident or General Public.
  2. The Table of Concerns can be used for ideas you might want to add to personalize your letter to reflect your own concerns.
  3. Modify the form letter to suit; print; sign; fax or scan and send (see below).

  • More than 1 signature on a letter is fine
  • But more individual letters might have more impact
  • Send letters to all 6 organizations. The Sahtu Land & Water Board (SLWB) will make the first call, but any of the other 4 listed can also trigger a review, and a copy to SSRB would be appreciated.
  • Fastest and cheapest way to send is to scan & send by e-mail.

Sample letters and more information on the concerns about fracking can be downloaded below:

Download your own Activist Toolkit

Click the link to be taken to the Council of Canadians Fracktivist Toolkit page.

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